2022 Cat A - Islescapes

Landscapes and the sustainability challenges related to them are complex, constantly changing, and full of uncertainty. Changes occur at different temporal and spatial scales. This project utilizes systems thinking and adaptive approaches to explore how the Helsinki archipelago and its resilience can be developed to promote and integrate recreational use and biodiversity in a sustainable manner.

In addition to analysing the components and structure of the system, factors affecting development goals, such as expectations and aspirations related to the archipelago, drivers of change as well as possible future trajectories, are explored. The thematic reviews include themes identified as key elements in the sustainable use of the Helsinki archipelago: the limits of sustainable recreational use, seasonality, prioritization of natural values and development processes.

Based on the understanding arising from systems analysis, the development principles for archipelago are formed. They include various tools and methods to manage the complexity and uncertainty associated with planning. The principles highlight the importance of identifying the potential and inherent features of the archipelago, monitoring, crossing traditional administrative boundaries, co-operation between different actors, identifying the suitable scale for actions and finding a balance between agility and long-term development.

Adaptive approaches and systems thinking have potential to support the work of landscape architects and encourage them towards a more holistic approach to landscape development. The consideration of project schedules, work phases, resources and prioritization are an important part of strategic landscape management, which eventually has a profound impact on landscape.

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