2022 Cat A - Kirkcesme Historic Park

Kırkçeşme Historic Park is an Urban / Landscape Design project that transformed & resurfaced the 55km long historic Kırkçeşme Water System of Mimar Sinan. The unique water system was built in year 1563 and it consists of Dams, Aqueducts and Pools to transfer water from Belgrade Forest to Historic Peninsula. The aim with transforming water system is to ultimately increase ecological and cultural resiliency of Istanbul, Turkey.

Main Specialities of Kırkçeşme System
1 - Exceptional example of sustainable architecture
2 - Served as the physical connection point between water and publics mind
3 - Acted as a glue for the multicultural mosaic of “Istanbulite” people.

During analysis phase it has been revealed that Istanbul is on the verge of an ecological breaking point for climate change and an irreversible disconnection with its water resources.

In line with this crisis,
Three Main Improvement Goals
Ecological reclamation.
Urban memory upgrade.
Providing added socio-cultural value.

Entire 55km route of Kırkçeşme’s ‘problems / potentials’ are classified and ranked with analytical methods to determine the perfect spot of design intervention.

Balıklı Pool and Balıklı Aqueduct area of Sultangazi has shown the highest potential to implement functions that will serve to the main goals.

The area was studied holistically with spatial flows in mind, waterflow system, transportation flow, ecosystem flow and landmark patch connectivity.

Project area now serves diverse range of programs for every specification of citizen and became a functioning public area

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