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The approach in this work suggests that introducing Landscape Ecology principles into Landscape Design could be quite beneficial.

Conceptual design, and approach itself are universal, and applicable anywhere, but originally created for Belgrade (SERBIA) waterfront.

Location of the design, is sensitive area between Sava river bank and railroad network, attached to the city center.

Basic idea is to use Landscape Ecology principles and CORINE methodology to identify land cover types and suitable green patches to work with.

Then, by adding elements of ecological networking (“stepping stones”, green corridors, vegetation patches) we can create our own mini, urban and highly functional ecological network.

Quite lot possibilities, for air and runoff regulation, are opening by placing this ecological network system between the river and the city center.

The design of ecological network elements is very simple: placing the trees in long forms and planting them from smallest to largest, and vice versa to form wave-like shapes. In that way very significant air conditioning can be achieved. The cooling- hot air from the city center is circulating faster above the smallest of trees pushing the cooler air back in. And the wind blocking- the largest of trees are helping in breaking the squalls.

This concept can be incorporated in any urban area, repetitively and wherever is possible.

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