2022 Cat A - Landscape Park in Tirana, Albania

Landscape Park in Tirana, Albania
‘Our landscape connects us to our history; they are the source of our character as people, as well as our health, our safety, and our prosperity…’ (R. Kennedy)
We have to accept differentiated readings of the urban landscape, readings which may reveal some inherited qualities from the past but may also be capable of repairing and clarifying opacities of the present.
A new way of looking at our urban landscape is important to plead for an open, differentiated, and non-dogmatic reading of landscape, where both past traces and potential futures can be grasped synchronously.
Creating a park for everyone related to the improvement of urban living conditions having a sustainable dimension that provides a variety of ecosystem services and a socio-cultural dimension, as it not only will promote physical activities and recreational practices within the gated communities but also aims at mitigating the area’s social divide, encouraging interaction between all the local residents. The park will establish a dialogue between buildings surrounded the river and creating a different atmosphere and spatial qualities.
The design concept of the park is based in natural conditions of the river and all the activities are in harmony with the natural serpentine line of the river with different atmospheres and spatial qualities, producing a continuous sense of surprise. Through the varied program it offers, the park aims at facilitating collective use of public space, fostering a new sense of community.
Designing green areas in urban cities like Tirana, has an impact not only on the environment but even in the population and will help in the development of more green areas for future solutions and get people close to nature. Implementing a sustainable park which works with nature of the site enriches and renews the landscape, raising it to a higher level of ecological function.

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