2021 CAT A - My Third Place


We believe everyone in the country deserves to be within walking distance of a My Third Place. There are opportunities within every community and our profession can bring these underused spaces back to life.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the UK during 2020. Lockdown changed the way that we live our day to day lives with the nationwide closures of traditional third places, causing widespread loneliness, with the most vulnerable groups being the worst affected. The pandemic has challenged us all to reassess how we experience and use public spaces.

My Third Place is a movement that people can replicate to suit their own communities. Interventions can range from a low budget picnic bench on a grass verge to the complete regeneration of a place to create a hub of activity. The design theory is rooted in creating a sense of place that relates to the local people and their social interactions. It provides an opportunity for local unity and ownership of new green breathing spaces. The opportunity to roll this out on a national scale has not been seen since the Victorian revolution of urban parks. This creates a fantastic post Covid-19 legacy that enhances everyday living whilst tackling climate change with well-considered green and blue infrastructure, tree planting, sustainable energy and local food production.

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