2020_Filipa_Valencic_Mycotopia_Category A

The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive landscape vision for cross-border landscapes shared by Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. The project area focused mostly on the area of Petržalka (Bratislavas largest borough), small rural settlements on the Austrian side and the three border point.
The area is characterized by many borders and wars, which all left a heavy impact: among others the Roman Limes, both World wars and the Iron curtain. As a result of this variegated history the main problem of the area is its spatial, social and ecological fragmentation.

As a solution for this extremely complex problem we found fungi. Fungi are one of the oldest organisms on the planet and most valuable elements of symbiosis, which connects all shapes of life. Their benefits spread to a myriad of usable ways, as in agriculture, forestry, medicine, ecology etc. The idea is to use the fungi mycelium as a connection between all the elements in the space to give it a new perspective and a new story. New ways of growing are presented and a new multifunctional use of space that can serve for production, education, research, recreation and connection of people. Leftover war bunkers become laboratories for knowledge which can be used worldwide.

Human is trying to explore everything above and around him, yet he knows very little about what is below him.

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