2022 Cat A - NA PIASKU

This project regards a baroque garden all’italiana with a chessboard layout located on the plot belonging to the Carmelite Monastery in Krakow. The main part under development is now surrounded by a wall. At the beginning, valorization was carried out and information on which buildings will be renovated in the near future was collected. Moreover, the system of entrances to this area was assayed - the main entrance and exits from the buildings included in the monastery complex. On this basis, a network of paths was determined, interrupted by a diagonal axis, which constitutes a compositional accent and on which a dominant - gloriette - will be created. In order to maintain symmetry, also at the intersection of important paths, a subdominant, baroque fountains - were placed - symbol of the source of life, elements often used in the layout of monastery gardens. On the neighboring plot there are monuments of nature, the view of them will be revealed by the viewing plane - prato - hence the idea to locate them in the south of the garden. It was also decided to remove two garage buildings next to the historic gazebo in order to be able to fully show its value. Another important point is undoubtedly the increase of the biologically active area in the courtyard, which currently serves as a car park. There are separate garden zones, such as a contemplation and rest zone, giardino segreto, rose garden, prato, herbarium, flower meadow and maze.

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