At a time where our life routines are constantly changing, many questions arise as to the role of the everyday landscapes that shape our experiences. This notion has been recently exacerbated by the Corona Virus pandemic, during which we have experienced the consequences of lockdowns and isolation, demonstrating more than ever the critical part played by immediate surroundings on our physical and mental wellbeing.

This project is a landscape response to these needs, addressing the everyday experience in public spaces; It aims to instill a change in daily life patterns and aspires to provide enhanced environments, biophilic and benign, as an inherent part of everyday experiences.

As Work environments occupy a significant portion of our time, they constitute a design anchor and a planning strategy - with the aim of creating an alternative urbanism - a transition from dichotomous concepts of life into daily connections with nature, in a holistic and sustainable living environment.

The project presents a new vantage point on workspaces and proposes to convert them into integrated elements within the urban fabric – workspaces as productive community foci, active and innovative, with eco-friendly transportations and a varied mix of land uses.

The project is located along the seam between two detached business parks and two central cities in Israel: Bnei-Brak - the most crowded city in Israel - and the Tel Aviv metropolis - one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

‘Nature Works’ proposes a spatial landscape approach for integrating the various existing systems of the site, while balancing their conflicts. It offers its inhabitants new accessible green spaces which they have previously been deprived of, while creating an outline of nature connectedness and public well-being - reflected in the places which occupy everyday life.

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