2022 Cat B - POPO PARK

The project is situated between an old park and a new housing estate. A lawn’s space under a high voltage power lines has been transformed into a residential park where landscaping solutions are based on principles of ecological engineering.
Our goal was to create a cohesive landscape that is embedded in natural environment and allows self-regulation through the natural succession. It required a visual consistency of two spaces (park and housing estate) that exhibited different aesthetics, functions, and the degree of natural and urban qualities. The altitude difference between the park and the estate reached up to 2.5 m.
Thanks to the structure of the embankment, basins we managed to enrich the landscape with a sloping path accessible for wheelchairs. There are designated places for rainwater runoff retention. We created a semi-natural environment by using native plants considered to be weeds. It changes the approach to the aesthetics of ecology. Selected species should be imperceptibly adapted by the existing habitat and become part of the ecosystem. We intended to hide the designer’s work on the planting scheme, and mimic nature.
The colors of the hard space and the soft space are coherent with the hues of the buildings’ facades, outdoor facilities and housing estate’s pavers decorations. It brings a sense of harmony. It gives an impression of the park intertwining with the housing estate.
This project replicates nature’s ecosystems, where interdependencies of the networks of elements are invisible yet play the key role for the effective functioning.

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