2022 Cat A -  Re-Fill

The Sea of Galilee, the only natural freshwater lake in Israel is drying out due to an increased demand for water and climate change. As a mitigation strategy, the Israeli government designed the ‘Reverse Water Carrier’ - an innovative act to prevent the decline of water levels at the lake. The desalinated water will be pumped from the Mediterranean Sea through the currently dried-out Zalmon stream to re-fill the lake. My project’s vision is to rehabilitate the Zalmon Stream and the Sea of Galilee shoreline taking advantage of the new freshwater flow.
The design strives to create a balance between the needs of the public, the lake, and the wider environment. These bold ideas are divided into three main topics:
To redesign the Zalmon stream, a toolbox with multiple strategies was built with topics such as earthwork, water quality, and ecology. The interface of the stream estuary with the proposed shoreline will be a key point for research and point of interest for visitors.
The shoreline will allow recreation places for all while protecting its existing resources. A floating boardwalk will perform as a secondary shoreline for drought years and will protect the Tamarix forest reserve. The ‘Kinneret trail’ will act as a buffer between the protected and built areas.
The new, sustainable hotel complex fulfills demands for development and will provide unique experiences. The complex will offer different types of accommodations for different types of budgets and vacations while providing public services to all.

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