2021 CAT A - Resilient breathing: a sustainable solution to urban gateway

The project aims to put “breathing process” forward through improvement of a valuable living place. Plants of different species which would be chosen according to “Future 2050 Proposal” and their purifying functions will be considered. Park visitors breathe in fresh air, smelling scents “breathing out” by vegetation of seasonal interests. “Air is food. Air is energy.” A whole year breathing process which would integrate into Sheffield city system will act as an eco-breathing lung for the city.
Act as the buffer transition between Park Hill flats and Sheffield station, spaces are sculptured by lush structural plantings and resilient platforms. This green corridor is welcoming and inclusive, great for people from Park Hills and nearby communities to have relaxing time in their “back garden”. The activation of “Sheffield urban gateway” hopes to provide a backup proposal for a more accessible, eco-friendly and self-metabolic park.

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