2022 Cat A - Retrospection

The main objective of the project is to reanimate the harmonic coexistence of Black Sea and Ganita, which rises on that particular coastline rocks; and evoke the image at people’s minds. Fragmented spatial structure due to private property and frequently interrupted pedestrian circulation affected by physical and spatial thresholds are seen as the main elements causing the poor public space quality on coastline. In addition, the project tackles one of the fundamental problems of the area by seeking solutions to problems that caused by the disconnection of public from the coastline. This includes horizontal and vertical circulation routes reconnecting the coastline and city; open green space systems introducing corridors opening to sea and green spaces; proposing to create a connected, compact and continuous coastline and waterfront spaces. Determined by the analyses of the project area, “Ganita” stands as the unique constant through urban development and changing needs, by displaying great permanence. This is reflected into proposed design in a respectful, humble and protective way considering practices of the area. The project aims to open up the coastline for public access and make it attractive for public use with minimum possible intervention. Within this context, the current terraces of the sitting areas of Ganita have been preserved; the natural coast is restored by demolishing some old pillars and slabs; and the reconstructed public waterfront is supported with green open terraces for recreative purposes. In short, the real courage was to return to its own self and the city took a step towards it.

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