2022 Cat A - Reviving the community through Reconnecting with the river

Since the 70s, Haugerud residential plateau in Oslo has been intensively densified, while the former industrial river valley has left abandoned. Leaving the Alan river in between brownfields and segregated to the residential plateau. A bold development proposal is needed to not only meet the new housing demands but to vitalise Alna river and transform the industrial legacy.

Stormwater System & Eco-Social Water Journey
The project concept is to bring the Alna riverscape up to the plateau and functionally lead the stormwater down to valley. By connecting the fragmented stream and open up chan- nels, a Eco- social corridor is designed as a terraced park to bring the plateau residents down to the river. It functioned as a blue- green infrastructure to collect, retain and filter storm water but also providing multiple social nodes along the water journey. It created
a water journey that brings out the beauty of blue-green system into daily life, benefiting both community and ecology of the site.

Phasing Development
The project is implemented through 3 phases. Firstly, parts of the warehouses are retained to keep existing business, with the rest turned into riverfront park. Secondly, rift residential buildings are introduced with terraced gardens across, bringing plateau residents down to the riverfront park. Lastly, retail and commercial development is introduced to fully vital- ized the Alna promenade. Connecting bridges are built to link up the other side of the river to allow future expansion, forming a Alna Development Belt that gives room for community and habitats to grow.

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