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We are facing a world where most of the world’s population is living in dense cities. Often cities are grey covered habitats where only humans can inhabit and live. But cities occupied by hard surfaces and artificial materials are not always sustainable and healthy for people or the environment.

The project is an inspirational catalog that should inspire citizens as well as planners in using and designing elements that reintroduce nature in urban settings. Furthermore, it should give the readers the idea to incorporate urban farming in a way that is both effective as social interaction and as an aesthetical element in the cityscape. The strategy is to design co-creation between nature and humans in a way where both parties will benefit.

The project is based on a case study that incorporates a whole new part of Copenhagen, Denmark. The case study, Irmabyen, has been chosen in order to use realistic settings and compositions. At the same time, it will become something tangible that can be investigated and analyzed. The entire design becomes a balanced synergy between humans and wildlife bared in mind that we must evolve and change in order to make the urban environments much more sustainable with the earth’s survival in mind. The first step to implementing nature in the cities and acknowledging its importance is awareness. This project starts the awareness by showing opportunities and invites people to implement the shown solutions in real projects and designs.

Ilf Landscape
Isabella Bhoan

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