2020_Hanna_Lorincz_Stone skipping memories_Category A

Playing stone skipping The conception is placed on the Maros riverside in Mures county. The footprints in landscape I planned in Targu Mures is placed in the Unirii area closed to the dam. It is more a smaller linear footprint, than a point. My idea is inspired by my childhood experience, when in summertime we were at my grandpa’s house minutes from the Maros riverside. We went out for a walk regularly,mostly on the riverside. I’ve always competed with my brother: firstly, which one of us can collect flatter stones, and after that, which one of us can play stone skipping better-he always won, of course. Lined up on the riverside, there were always a lot of young and old children playing this game. The Maros riverside is always bringing out similar memories for me, that is why I recommend it as a land art. Stone skipping creates a temporary footprint on the water surface. It is a special land art work. The curved branches surrounding the stone, which symbolize the stone skipping during created circles around the flat stone, and after that I placed four bigger flat stones, representing lined up people, and also symbolizing the process of the stone skipping. The stones placed on the riverside also have a function,because you can sit on them, rest, or even play stone skipping.Lőrincz Hanna

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