2021 CAT A - Storm on the Slope: a Symphony of Wind and Rain

The regeneration of Sheaf Valley is to confront the increasing climate change and explore the possibilities of outdoor activities in the trend of global warming. Sheffield is generally cool, moist, and windy due to the Atlantic climate, and seven hills further brings more water to the city. In the inevitable global warming, the variable extreme weather, such as wind, lightning, thunder, and pelting rain, may further threaten the opportunities of outdoor activities. This project tries to challenge the stereotype of stormy weather and encourage participation in outdoor space in diverse weather.The regeneration includes four functional area, and each works differently to amplify stormy weather and encourage visitors to celebrate it. It may have some permeable shelters that allows temporary stay, or special activities just for rain. So people don’t have to escape from the park when it rain, but to stay, enjoy or even play in storm.

Mounds of Breeze & Flood Playground
This is an integrated area that capture the wind and slow down flooding through a series of grass mounds. The mounds established by logs created a sustainable and dynamic landscape that support a variety of activities in different weather. Scent vegetation are planted on the mounds to bring the sweet smell of wind to visitors.

The Pavilion of Rain
This area creates a permeable shelter that allows a temporary stay in stormy days, but still encourage the communication with outdoor environment through the permeable structure. The pavilion is constructed by bamboo gridshell, and combined with living willow. The degree of enclosure changes throughout the season to create a dynamic landscape.

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