2020_Leku_Studio_Superblock of Sant Antoni_Category B

The Eixample of Barcelona, characterized by its uniform, regular and extensive grid, shows a solid, mixed and highly densified city with a consolidated public space that now needs to reprogram and recycle itself to respond to a rapidly changing social, environmental and economic reality.

The Superblocks Program is one of the most ambitious urban transformations of the city with a plan that redefines the urban order by merging blocks into bigger units. The scope of the plan is extensive and the transformation requires a progressive deployment and a flexible approach.

The proposal of the Sant Antoni Superblock reconfigures the mobility and the section of the Eixample recovering streets for people.

Flexible, modular and adaptive
The premise of the urbanization is the total reversibility, the adaptability and the capability to recycle the urban elements. To this end, a strategy is designed incorporating a toolkit of adaptive urban furniture elements, a graphic style guide (patterns, signage, communication ...) as well as a deployment methodology.

Social, healthy and progressive
The specialized urban design at the service of the transformation process has made effective the progressive and flexible ex-tension of the Superblock in a participative way.

The social gain of the street has generated a positive dynamic in the neighborhood by making residents and traders take care of the streets by their own in sense of use and maintenance. All this, together with significant reduction of pollution, an increasing urban greenery and empowerment of pedestrians and cyclists, draws a new urban landscape that make up a more humane, healthy and green Eixample.

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