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In the mid-nineteenth century, the Austrians began extending the fortifications of Cracow on a large scale with a project called „The Cracow Fortress”, intending to transform it into a fortress. It is hard to believe today that only 80 years ago Cracow was one of the most powerful and modern fortresses in Europe. Currently, when the former fortifications are gradually deteriorating, and only some of them have been developed, it is worth recalling how this fortress was created, which is undoubtedly a unique monument in the history of defense art and war technology.

Rearranging such fortresses into accessible for public green points with different functions each will be a great way to save not only history, but also to promote sustainable living space and Cracow, with such original Green Fortress web, as a city. This project is concentrated on rearranging „FORT VII BRONOWICE”, which is currently owned by the Military Property Agency and is not publicly available. Without any investigation this object will slowly become unusable ruin as most of them already did. In contrary, creating Museum inside of the fort with living spaces and recreational area around will for sure attract people in visiting and living here. It all might come out as profitable business attracting other investors to follow the idea and make actual Cracow Green Fortress web.

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