2022 Category A - The Yarkon’s Estuary Story

The project offers a holistic approach that views the Estuary of the Yarkon River and the City of Tel-Aviv as a whole. The plan suggests transforming a dismantled and vulnerable space into a harmonious and complete urban estuary that benefits the city, nature, and the public. From a space that limits the stream and disconnects it from its surroundings to an open public space, diverse and complex. Such a place will enhance the importance of urban nature in the crowded city of Tel-Aviv, bringing the public closer to nature making a resilient waterfront.

As of today, the surroundings of the estuary are almost 100% paved with parking lots, hangers, ‘Reading’ power plant, fuel tanks, a shutdown airport, etc. closed with walls and fences making it a fractured area, with almost no urban nature left. Moreover, Scientists forecast a rise of sea level on one hand and population on the other, threatening the city’s estuary eco-system – both human and nature.

The Yarkon’s Estuary is a unique yet small ecological habitat. Estuary is derived from the term tide and as such, makes it the perfect solution to manage with sea level rise and ecological diversity loss. Tel Aviv’s Pier is a vibrant and attractive place for locals and tourists due to its shops, restaurants, fairs, and a view to the Mediterranean.

Actions - Resilience
Ecology – Design of a dynamic ecosystem, de-paving
Urban – Open and accessible public space
Social – Walkability oriented mixed-use area:

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