2022 Cat A - TRI - Trinational Triennale

The Hafenareal of Basel is a place where Switzerland, France and Germany invisibly converge. The relocation of the harbour to another site is a great opportunity for offering the community new spaces devoted to social cohesion. A new vision of the place that takes into account the trinational dimension of this space is needed.

What could bring three countries together? How can we make them get closer to each other, aside from physical structures such as the new circular bridge linking the Swiss-German side and the French one?

There comes Art as a mean of intercultural dialogue: accordingly, the northern area becomes home to a series of open spaces for a new Triennale of Arts. Each of the three countries can exhibit their artworks here for three years, keeping the space dynamic and the actions temporary, reinforcing the tri-national dialogue.

The topics of culture, beauty and dialogue are not the prerogative of public spaces, since they can be cultivated in the private dimension as well: the housing scheme for the new Klybeck neighbourhood aims to promote inner movement and exchange within the walls as well, by offering plenty of shared open space to be used and shaped by the residents.

A pattern that generates from a local and regional network of vegetated areas is channelled into the new neighbourhood. By restoring lost ecological connections along the river Rhine and enriching the new urban environment with a dense vegetational matrix, nature is tying all those cultural elements together.

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