2021 CAT A - WATER IN THE CITY in the context of climate change

In the last decades we became witnesses of climate change impacts on everyday life in urban landscape. Heatwaves and droughts in summer months were alternated by flash floods with the associated threat of watercourses getting out from the riverbed. One time, there was a little amount of water in the city, then there was too much water.

Extreme weather fluctuations have become more frequent, but most cities are not prepared for them. Green cities are more durable to these fluctuations, but only green infrastructure is becoming not enough. The adaptation for climate change requires also integration of a blue infrastructure, therefore water in the city plays an essential role…

The main message of this project is to realize that in the context of climate change, even smaller towns can be adapted by using nature-friendly modifications of watercourses and integration of the elements of blue and green infrastructure.
The aim is also to show an importance of natural landscape, where the water can spill before it affects the urban area. Such a place can also become a recreation area, which importance is unquestionable, as it was seen during pandemic.

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