2020_Eliška_Syrová_Wave of nature_Category A

The project had to associate the most important element of the composition - river Vltava. Shapes of vegetation had to remind waves of the river. Also design of architecture elements had to represent connection nature and people. This architectural elements should support the activities of the local associations, small music, theatrical performance and education in the nature, because it is stronger experience. The dominant of this project is residential stairs. In this time, we should importance and rise meaning of the nature. The project should support shelter animals and potential natural vegetation. So there are 3 centres with specific function, but they are in harmony with nature and people. Residential stairs should support activities especial for children, but it can use by all categories of ages. Older people can relax on this place. This element should connect main thing - water with people in strain way. Also this may offer different perspective and fun with the river. Waiting for ferry is covered and in the similar design like podium. But there is seating semi-circle with view on the boat. For disfavor weather was designed stony wall (local stones). Podium and waiting for ferry are barrier-free. Covered podium has specific design of the roof. There are interconnect circles which symbolise connection nature and people. The roof can be see from surrounds rocks and high positions. Inside podium you can see multi-level seating. So it is perfect for small performances or presentations. Constructional poles are used for climbing plant - Clematis vitalba.

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