The jury for this new edition is composed of several professionals all over Europe from the education field to professional organisations.

Jury Members:

Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, past IFLA Europe Secretary General and Professor at Krakow University of Technology
Darija Perkovic, IFLA Europe Vice President for Communications
Hendrik Vanderkamp, Honorary President, ECTP-CEU - European Council of Spatial Planners
Manuel Marti, Hunter Industries

IFLA Europe Students and Young Professionals Competition

Jury statement 2021

by Darija Perkovic Bosnjak, IFLA Europe Vice President for Communications

The 7th edition of the IFLA Europe Student & Young Professionals Competition was organised in 2021. The competition theme was “Landscape Here and Now”
with focus on the urgency to change the way we interact with the environment. Subject of interest were social and environmental challenges caused by climate change and the important role of Landscape Architects in making natural and human dynamics compatible.

IFLA Europe Communications Committee was proud and happy to receive 22 competition entries in Category A – Conceptual projects, with participants from all parts of Europe (Central Europe, Mediterranean Europe, Western Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe). The competition entries were evaluated according to pertinence of the entry regarding the topic, presentation and graphical quality, project innovation and demonstration of technical feasibility.

Our youth has shown a wide range of contribution that Landscape Architect have in creating a better future for communities in urban and rural landscapes, with various examples in the field of urbanism, rural renovation, biodiversity protection, forest restoration, habitat recreation, storm-water management, adaption to sea level rise, reuse of materials, protection of cultural heritage, urban connectivity and virtual landscapes of the future.

IFLA Europe Communications Working group for IFLA Europe Students and Young Professionals Competition 2021: Darija Perkovic Bosnjak (Chair of the competition), Daniela Micanovic-Franckx, Manuel Sánchez

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