We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 IFLA Europe Youth competition ‘Lost Landscapes”:

Category A: Conceptual ideas and projects Winners: Silvia Ielmini and Giulia Scortino, members of AIAPP - Italian Association of Landscape Architecture with the entry ‘Hambach 2.0’ with a total of 80 points.
2nd place: Alexandra Souvatzi, member of Landscape Institute UK, with her entry ‘Oikos of the Pyrocene” with a total of 77 points
3rd place: Ana Pilko and Katarina Poklukar, members of Slovenian Association of Landscape Architecture DKAS with the entry ‘Changing Corrosion’ with a total of 75 points.

Category B: Realised projects - Winner: Miguel Hernández Quintanilla, member of Norwegian National Association of Landscape Architecture NLA with the entry ‘Cale Alta’ with a total of 71points.
2nd place: Aleksandra Gierko, member of Polish National Association of Landscape Architecture SAK with the entry ‘‘Cornflowers garden’ with a total of 65 points.

Winners of Category A and Category B will attend IFLA Europe General Assembly and International Conference hosted by AIAPP Italy, which will take place 13-15 October 2023, in Naples, Italy.

2023 Competition Jury Members
Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, past IFLA Europe Secretary General and Professor at Krakow University of Technology, member of SAK Poland
Prof Ingrid Schegk, Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf · Department of Landscape Architecture Professor
Eszter Bakay, ECLAS, Associate Professor, Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Garden Art and member of HALA Hungary
Hendrik Vanderkamp, Honorary President, ECTP-CEU - European Council of Spatial Planners
Manuel Marti, Hunter Industries

We received 20 entries from across Europe for Category A: Conceptual Ideas and Projects and 2 entries in Category B: Realised Projects. Competition participants had to be enrolled landscape architecture student or a practitioner in the field of landscape architecture as well as a member of a National Association which is IFLA Europe member - list of all IFLA Europe National Associations was available on our website IFLA Europe National Associations.

Jury has evaluated all entries based on four main criteria:
* Presentation and graphical quality
* Pertinence of the entry regarding the topic
* Concept development
* Project innovation Demonstration of technical feasibility.

Some of the comments of the Jury members were:
“Original approach to the problem, an accurate interpretation of the topic, the author’s mission and commitment to the problem attract attention”
“The process-oriented approach and the expected (water) landscape change is very good!”
“What a challenging idea to reclaim ‘lost’ military-used landscapes!”
“Project draws attention with its innovation and clear idea presentation”
“Very current topic of permanent landscape loss and regain.”
“Very good concept of natural forces impact on a local landscape. A dynamic design.”
“Excellent design of a linear landscape in an urban environment.”

On this occasion, Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, member of the Jury, IFLA Europe’s Past Secretary General, Professor at the University of Technology and member of SAK Poland wrote:

“We have already held 9 editions of the competition the IFLA Europe Student & Young Professionals Competition. The theme of the competition is related to the subject of the annual IFLA Europe General Assembly and Conference organised together with the National Association.

It allows us to get to know the point of view of students and young aspirants, being a voice in the common discourse.

This year topic The Lost Landscapes covers three areas: inhabited landscapes, production landscapes and crossing landscapes. The young generation of landscape architects interpreted this topic and submitted 22 projects from all over Europe.

In category A, intended for landscape architecture students, 20 applications were received. In category B - realised project intended for young professionals, 2 applications were received. All entries are available on the IFLA Europe website https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/youth/competition-entries/C62

This year’s competition represents a high level of works that respond in an interesting way to the initiated topic. More than half of the submitted works were of a high level. One third, however, stood out for their maturity and creativity of solutions. What deserves attention is innovation, graphic level and the ability to clearly explain difficult issues. The passion of the young generation and care for our common landscape shine through in the works. These are not just considerations, but specific proposals for solutions worth attention.

The jury gave their evaluation and the votes were divided and spread over different works.

Congratulations to all winners.”

Urszula Forczek-Brataniec

IFLA Europe
VESTRE Hunter Industries

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