2020 IFLA EUROPE Student and Young Professionals Competition Winners!

2020 IFLA EUROPE Student and Young Professionals Competition Winners!

It is our pleasure to inform you that the winners of 2020 IFLA EUROPE Student and Young Professionals’ Competition have been selected!

IFLA Europe Students and Young Professionals Competition aims to help up and coming landscape architects to get exposure for their projects and work. The topic of the 2020 Competition was “Footprints in Landscape”.

We received 34 works, the Jury members have evaluated them and the following winners have been selected:

Category A: Conceptual projects/Ideas

I place: David de Boer with project Solar Grids
II place: Rapa Surajaras with project Breathe - redefining a zone of informal settlement
III place: shared between 2 projects:
- Project Mono to Multi Use by University of Ljubljana (Team: Dorotea Volk, Hema Kunšič, Meta Zgonec, Tamara Tratar, Ana Benedik)
- Project Esbjerg havn - reclaiming the urban fabric of Denmark’s energy metropolis by MagnusHehlke

Category B: Realised projects
I place: Leku Studio with project Superblock of Sant A ntoni
II place:Landscape Architecture Lab Ilawa Forest
III place:Ludivine Gragy “Regeneration”

People’s choice
Akanksha_Khatri with project “Lancaster Is Growing!”

The prize for the winners of categories A and B will be invitation to the IFLA Europe General Assembly in Granada, Spain in 2021 to present their works. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Jury Members:
Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, IFLA Europe Secretary General and Professor at Krakow University of Technology
Eszter Bakay, Member of Executive Board, ECLAS - European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools
Rozana Darwich, AESOP Young Academic Coordination Team member, AESOP - Association
Hendrik Vanderkamp, Honorary President, ECTP-CEU - European Council of Spatial Planners
Jacqueline van den Berk, Van den Berk Nurseries
Manuel Marti, Hunter Industries

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