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015336 - Lecturer/Asst Prof or Associate Prof in Landscape Design and Head of Landscape Architecture, UCD School Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy, Permanent

Applications are invited for a Permanent post of a Lecturer/Asst Prof in Landscape Design and Head of Landscape Architecture **or **Associate Prof in Landscape Design and Head of Landscape Architecture within UCD School Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy.

Applications are invited for the position of Head of Landscape Architecture to be appointed at the level of Associate Professor or Lecturer/Assistant Professor, subject to qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. The successful candidate will lead a team of Landscape Architecture Faculty and Design Fellows and will provide an important leadership role in the subject by, inter alia, fostering a collaborative research culture, promoting a research-informed curriculum to address contemporary challenges including climate change, translating the fruits of research into innovation and impact, and promoting and growing the subject area. The successful candidate will contribute to the Landscape Architecture programme, as well as contributing to the School, the College of Engineering and Architecture, and the wider University.

Applicants will hold a PhD in landscape architecture, landscape planning, environmental design or a related land use discipline, have a demonstrable commitment to evidence-based research and publication, a track record of research funding applications, and an ability to contribute research in an area that complements the research profile of the school. Applicants will be committed to high-quality teaching at University level, possess excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated commitment to, and experience of, academic leadership and awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Important Note: The most appropriate candidate will be appointed to the position, at the grade commensurate with their career stage, experience and achievements. For appointment at the level of Lecturer/Assistant Professor, a candidate will be working at the level of satisfactory achievement in terms of respective indicators for Research, Teaching, and Leadership and Contribution across the mandatory selection criteria. For appointment at the level of Associate Professor, a candidate will be expected to be working at the level of substantial achievement as set out in the UCD Development Framework for Faculty and, therefore, will significantly surpass the mandatory requirements in the selection criteria below.

95 Lecturer/Assistant Professor (above the bar) Salary Scale: €58,206 - €92,172 per annum
95 Associate Professor Salary scale: €75,662 - €106,851 per annum
Appointment will be made on scale and in accordance with the Department of Finance guidelines
Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 13th January 2023.

Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified. Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 17:00hrs (Local Irish Time) on the specified closing date will be cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late applications.

UCD do not require assistance from Recruitment Agencies. Any CV's submitted by Recruitment Agencies will be returned.

Note: Hours of work for academic staff are those as prescribed under Public Service Agreements. For further information please follow link below:

Prior to application, further information (including application procedure) should be obtained from the Work at UCD website:

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