The principle concerning the free movement of professional landscape architects within Europe has been accepted for several years and is incorporated both in European Community Law and the Statutes of IFLA Europe. Nevertheless, from time to time difficulties arise which are frustrating.

Legal framework

The legal framework concerning professional movement between associations is defined by two main documents: Directive 2005/36/EC and IFLA Europe Regulations. Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications came into force in 2007. The Directive is a cornerstone of the EC Internal Market Strategy for Services laid out in Lisbon in March 2000 and encapsulates the right to pursue a profession, in a self-employed or employed capacity, in a Member State other than the one in which they have obtained their professional qualifications.

Article 8.11 of the current draft IFLA Europe Regulations state that:

8.11 - National or multi-national professional associations who wish to become Effective members of IFLA Europe shall accept applications for membership from graduates of all specifically recognised landscape architecture programmes in member countries of IFLA Europe, subject to whatever additional professional practice requirements may be suggested or recommended by the specific association.

There is therefore already a desire as well as a legal obligation for member associations to facilitate the ability of professional landscape architects to migrate between associations

Following the decision adopted at IFLA Europe’s General Assembly in Oslo in 2014 to foster a more cohesive Federation that would strongly support the mobility of professionals in Europe, IFLAEurope launched Professional Movement between Associations project that will help us be aware of obstacles of mobility existing within our countries.

IFLA Europe transnational membership Form to assist migration of professionally qualified landscape architects between IFLA Europe members which will assist the migration of professionally qualified landscape architects.

This form has been produced by IFLA EUROPE to assist the process of migration of professionally qualified landscape architects from one professional association to another - between member countries of IFLA EUROPE. Once completed (this must include the ATTESTATION from the professional association that the applicant is currently a member of) a copy of the form should be sent to the that will date and register the application.

Stages of Migration

1. The candidate completes the form obtained from IFLA EUROPE.

2. The candidate sends the form to the Association where the candidate is already a member. The Association confirms the candidate’s academic qualifications and professional status.

3. The form is returned to the candidate, who sends the form to IFLA EUROPE. The candidate is informed of the receipt.

4. The candidate completes the form with the registration number issued by IFLA EUROPE and sends it to the Association in the country where he wishes to migrate and
practice. The form is completed by the Association, which will determine the class of membership as well as other requirements such as CPD (continuing professional development), membership fees, professional indemnity insurance and, if the presentation of a dossier, or portfolio, is required, or if an adaptation period under supervised practice is required. The Association may also wish to state a limitation on the privileges relating to membership.

5. The form is returned to the candidate with a copy to IFLA EUROPE.

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